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Fieldfaring in #exstrange exhibition


We have a new work included in the global exhibition #exstrange, which is being exhibited over the next several months on eBay. You can visit the exhibition’ website for more information, or can go directly to our auction (this is only up for a week, however). After the auction closes, we will put up a screenshot for posterity on this site.

Its worth noting that for this particular exhibition, being curated into the initial show is just the beginning, and it is also possible for literally anyone to join in. This show is the brainchild of curators Rebekah Modrak and Marialaura Ghidini, and it is currently only in its first week.

If you are an eBay shopper- its a great chance to buy some conceptual work from a wide ranging group of artists.

The Redbank Pawpaw circle enters the “digital forever”.

After a few years of digital anonymity, Google Earths satellites have revisited the intersection of Redbank Road and Erie Avenue and have generated images of the Redbank Pawpaw Circle.
If you visit this link, you can see it for yourself. A screenshot is below:
Redbank Circle 2014 Satellite picture
For those who are curious, when we were planning the project, the Google earth record of the intersection looked like this:
Google Sat map 2012

August update to this post: The Google streetview car made a recent pass by the site. Here is a relatively current shot of the circle (this is the full overgrown August version).
Pawpaw August 2014 Streetview

“Reading other Peoples Mail” at the de Young Museum

Ted will give a talk on Saturday May 10 at the de Young Museum on archives, collecting and the legacy of Bay Area collector/scholar Steven Leiber. The talk is being presented as a part of Lexa Walsh’s “Mapping the Archive Project”. A small sampling of Ted’s archive of ephemera from Bay Area social art projects is included in the project.

CGC Early July Report: Volunteer Weeding Brigade

Youth Works Volunteers

Relayed by email from Peter Huttinger: “Youth Works volunteers taking a well earned rest after weeding the Pawpaw Circle and mulching the nut and fruit trees at the Madisonville Foraging Forest Garden…”
Thanks to all for the weeding work!

CGC Report: Early summer weeding in the Pawpaw Circle

This just in from Peter Huttinger. CGC volunteers have finished a spring weeding of the Red Bank Pawpaw circle. The yellow coreopsis at the entrance are in full bloom.

Spring Weeding in the Pawpaw circle

Thanks CGC!

Fieldfaring at Open Engagement

We are travelling to Portland this week to take part in the annual Open Engagement Conference at Portland State University. Fieldfaring projects will be discussed in the context of a Panel that opens the Saturday morning roster.

Saturday, May 18: 10am-12pm
RURALSCAPES M. Michelle Illuminato, Brett Hunter, Linsey Laserte, Ethan Martin
Panelists – Compass: Sarah Kanouse; Fieldfaring: Susanne Cockrell and Ted Purves; Matt Garcia; Harold Arts: Joe Jeffers; Rhonda Janke; Regional Relationships: Ryan Griffis and Sarah Ross; M12 Collective: Richard Saxton and Kirsten Stoltz

For more information about the conference- follow this link.


pawpaw blossoms
This just in via Peter Huttinger. All of the 19 pawpaws survived their first winter. Blossoms are beginning to show.