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Companion Plants on the Red Bank Circle

On day 5, we focused on finishing the berms and getting the center of the circle seeded with clover, with the help of volunteers Linnet an Sarah. We also were able to turn our attention to putting in the companion plants that will occupy the berms around the Pawpaw trees, eventually spreading around them and holding the surface together to keep it intact.

Most of the species we planted are durable prairie plants, such as Little Bluestem, which are well suited for the dry environment of the Red Bank site. We also planted a trio of Spicebush, which will help bring the insects and birds in to the site in in the spring.

The selection of native plants with help and guidance from Steve and Eileen, the proprietors of Keystone Flora, a truly fantastic nursery for native plants located in NW Cincinnati.  Eileen Frechette  and some quick pictures of Keystone Flora are pictured below.


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