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Circling Day 4

After today, the circle’s form is revealed. Almost all of the berm has been covered. The pawpaws are beginning to root. Thanks to Sarah and Laurence for their help with a long day of wheel-barrowing and shoveling!



Planting the Red Bank Pawpaw Circle- Day 3

4 Pm, a long day that began with rain, finishing with cool cloudy skies and a strong breeze. 19 Pawpaws were planted with the help of our volunteers Linnet and Laurence (pictured below), along with Paula (not in the picture). Sam Dunlap arrived with 50 gallon of water at the end of the day and the trees were given long drinks to start them off in their new soil.

Annals of the Inner Woodland: Circling the Red Banks Site

Day 1: We worked with volunteers Emily and Mark, along with Sam Dunlap, the School Garden Coordinator for the Civic Garden Center, (with Susanne standing at far left), to start laying out the berms for the Pawpaw circle.  Oliver also helped with scribing the circle with mattock and cord.

Annals of the Inner Woodland-Pawpaws on the move

Movement across the land is a perennial state in the inner woodland. 24 pawpaw trees are migrating north to the highlands of Cincinnati.

Thanks to Annie Carl from Forrest Keeling Nursery ( in Missouri for the photo.

Red Banks Pawpaw Circle

Starting next week, Fieldfaring will be working in Cincinnati, OH to plant the Red Banks Pawpaw Circle. This project is part of our work with the exhibition Green Acres: Artists Farming Fields, Greenhouses and Abandoned Lots, which opens on the September 21st.

The Pawpaw circle is produced in collaboration with Cincinnati’s Civic Garden Center, and occupies a vacant traffic island at the intersection of Erie Avenue and Red Bank Rd, and is a part of the CGC’s overall plan to turn this unused acreage into a self-sustaining point for foraging local foods. Our Pawpaw circle will be planted with 19 trees drawn from 4 different pawpaw cultivars. IIf all grows well, they will bear fruit within the next 3 years, well before they reach full growth.

Temescal Amity Works is revisited at Root Division

Several relics from the Temescal Amity Works and some fresh Temescal marmalade are on view in the group exhibition: Cultivar, which opened this last Saturday evening at Root Division gallery in San Francisco. The marmalade was made from three different citrus tree on Avon St. and will be served throughout the exhibition.

From the Gallery website:

“A cultivar is a plant or group of plants selected for desirable characteristics that can be maintained by propagation. The exhibition for TASTE 2012, Cultivar, is a multi-disciplinary project celebrating artists and collectives whose work blurs lines between environmental sustainability, food production, social practice, and fine art.”

Exhibition Dates: April 11-28, 2012
Gallery Hours: Wednesday – Saturday, 2-6pm (and by apt.)

And the Winner is…

Ted will be lecturing on the 26th of March at Haverford College as the keynote speaker for the exhibition: And The Winner Is…


poster for Haverford College lecture